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Security Tips

If you have a security system use it, if not consider getting one.  There are inexpensive wireless systems you can easily install yourself.  We know of at least two residents that installed a system from frontpoint and are very satisfied.  There are others available by googling wireless security systems. Or you may contact other vendors such as adt or comcast to name two.

If you already have an alarm system installed and do not have a motion detector in your master bedroom, consider installing one.

Add security pins or other locking devices to your sliding doors to prevent them from being lifted and removed.  Thay can be installed by a locksmith or purchased at a home improvement store and installed yourself.

Add motion activated lighting around your home, especially in the back where all entries have occurred.

Keep all doors and windows locked and garage doors closed.  All vehicles left in the driveway should be locked.

Be vigilant!!  If you see something suspicious, no matter how small you may think it is call the sheriffs department.  See the list of numbers.

Do not leave your house with unknown workers inside.  You may trust your lead worker, but you may not know the people they bring with them.

If you see strangers that look suspicious around a home call the police or owners.

Most doors such as front doors,  single door from your pool, single door into your garage may have hinges on the outside of the door to meet hurricane standards.  These hinge pins can be removed and your door lifted right off.  An inexpensive fix is to replace the center hinge with a security hinge.  Unscrew the hinge and take it to home depot or lowes and ask for a security hinge of the same size and color.  A resident suggested if these two stores do not have the hinge, they found a match for theirs at suncoast contractors supply in fort myers 239-337-1123.  They were about $4 each.

Remove the handle from the rope on your emergency garage door release.  This will prevent someone from fishing a wire through the upper rubber gasket on the garage door and pull it open from the outside.

If you do not have hurricane glass in your windows or doors, a clear film can be applied professionally to the glass to make them impenetrable.

Be mindful of how much detail about your activities and plans are posted on Social Media.  More.

We all need to be responsible for our own home security.  The master association can only do so much, but will never be able to keep someone from entering our community if they want to.  We have many people including workers and guests entering our community every day and each one of them could be on a mission to find easy targets for burglary.  Don't be one of those targets.

Community Bulletins

February 27 - Perimeter Fencing

January 22 - Stop Signs, Police Activity

January 13 - Reauthorize Permanent Visitors

January 6 - La Tremiti, Project Status

December 9 - Security Update



Useful Links

Lee county sheriffs department offers free security home inspections by contacting michelle sargis 239-477-1804.

Sheriff department contact list
Main phone number 239-477-1000
Sergeant James Bogliole.  Cell phone 239-477-1139