Safety Tips

At this time of the year we have many walkers and bicyclists on our streets.  Here are some safety tips for you to follow.


Always ride in the street, not on the sidewalks

Always ride in the same direction as traffic, not against traffic

Always maintain eye contact with the driver of a car

Use hand signals for turning

Obey stop signs

Watch for turning traffic

If riding in the dark, use headlights and taillights and reflectors



Always walk on the sidewalk when their is one, otherwise walk facing traffic

Carry a flashlight when walking at night

Watch for turning vehicles

We have had complaints of autos passing bicycles, golf carts, and maintenance vehicles on one of our several blind curves and going into the oncoming traffic lanes.  One of our bicyclists saw a near miss involving two vehicles and herself.  Be patient and wait until you can see if there is oncoming traffic in the other lane before passing.

Also have had some complaints about golf carts not stopping completely when coming into,the streets from the golf course.  Please come to full stop and look both ways before entering streets.